Download / Export Google App Engine Logs

To download Google App Engine request logs, run something similar like this in the command prompt:

D:\Google\appengine-java-sdk-1.8.9\bin>appcfg --num_days=30 --severity=4 --request_logs D:\MyAppEngineProject\war D:\MyAppEngineProject\requests.log

The number of days of log data to retrieve, ending on the current date at midnight UTC. A value of 0 retrieves all available logs. If –append is given, then the default is 0, otherwise the default is 1.

The minimum log level for the log messages to retrieve. The value is a number corresponding to the log level: 4 for CRITICAL, 3 for ERROR, 2 for WARNING, 1 for INFO, 0 for DEBUG. All messages at the given log level and above will be retrieved. Default is 1 (INFO).

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